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What is a hostel and why is it your best option?

Let's assume that quality accommodation is FUNDAMENTAL to feel at home during a trip. Many travelers are looking for an offer that combines comfort and an attractive price.
For this reason, a hostel meets the desired characteristics for travelers.

Do you want to find a place to sleep cheaper than in a hotel and at the same time sociable and unforgettable?

Without a doubt you should stay in a HOSTEL but,What is hostel?

A hostel is a business that offers accommodation services in shared and private rooms.

At Gorilla Hostel we have private rooms for 2, 3 and up to 4 people with and without a private bathroom.
Shared bedrooms for 4, 6 and 8 people.
Even a shared dormitory of 8 exclusively for women with a private bathroom. 
We have many options for all tastes and budgets.

Advantages of sleeping in a hostel

We know that a hostel is not just accommodationIt is an experience that

You should do it at least once in your life.
We assure you that if you come to Gorilla hostel you will want to continue staying in other hostels on all your trips,  IT'S A WAY WAY!
Now you have to choose carefully where you stay and you will find all these benefits like the ones we offer you at Gorilla Hostel to make your stay incredible!

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A pleasant atmosphere is one of the keys to the success of  the hostels.
Travelers come to the place with the desire to have conversations, exchange experiences and live quality moments. The shared spaces of a hostel create the right context to enjoy your stay in good company. Many people travel in groups. Others discover a place alone. And they all find their own space in cozy accommodation. We know that making friends in a hostel is a common experience and the most memorable part of any trip. 



A hostel is an accommodation made up of common areas. Shared spaces that have practical decoration, storage space, excellent cleaning and perfectly differentiated environments. A hostel offers the possibility of meeting new people and sharing experiences with tourists who come from different parts of the world.

The accommodation provides a good rest. It is furnished with very comfortable beds decorated with clean sheets. In addition, it has an Internet connection. Therefore, you can find coworking space.  And many establishments offer reception service available all day.  You should always look for a hostel with many common areas. Gorilla Hostel has more than 700 square meters of common areas!! Impossible not to find your space to be comfortable or make new friends.



This is not something that all hostels have, but it is something that certain types of hostels have that seek to make your experience 100% more sociable.
Nothing like sharing a beer and a good chat with a traveler from somewhere else in the comfort of the hostel. 
You can go into the pool, enjoy a drink, read a book or work all from one place and with your glass of wine.
Without a doubt, it is one of the best advantages of going to a hostel. 



In a Hostel you have the opportunity to share common spaces with guests from all over the world, learn their stories and anecdotes, their travel experiences, play ping pong, giant jenga, foosball, watch movies, go dancing or take excursions. together. And even those who tell you: Maybe fall in love!


The quantity and quality of services offered  It depends on the type of hostel you choose.
Generally, the rate includes: breakfast, Wi-Fi internet access, lockers, bed linen, luggage storage, room cleaning and an equipped kitchen.
Other services included  like the ones we offer at Gorilla Hostel, outdoor pool, large garden equipped with a solarium. Free Coworking space, Smart TV area to watch movies, book exchange area, games. 24 hour reception.
Security by cameras 24 hours a day

Services at an additional cost:
Towel rental.
Currency exchange service.
Cafe service.



Something that you are assured of is cultural diversity!

You will be able to practice and improve your level of Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian or German with guests of those nationalities with whom you will share your afternoons, evenings and outings. You will be able to interact with travelers from all over the world.
Of all religions  and ideologies.
In the hostels EVERYONE is welcome :) 



We organize different activities such as parties, food classes, ping pong, foosball, jenga or beerpong tournaments.

It is possible to taste the typical Argentine barbecue, pizzas or empanadas at night events.

Happy Hour every day.

Days of movies, live shows and much more.


Upon arrival we welcome you with a welcome drink.
You also get discounts in stores, clubs, and restaurants for being part of our hostel.



A distinctive feature of the Hostels is the careful attention of the staff, which is made up of young people who in many cases have lived the “hostel experience.”" Traveling around the world.

Therefore, they know what you need and how to best advise you.

Nothing better than being served by locals such as Gorilla Hostel to obtain the best recommendations of what to do in the city, book excursions according to your budget and make your stay in Mendoza 100% memorable.

The receptionists are there to help you with whatever you need andremove any doubt.

A hostel receptionist is your FRIEND!


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